Devin Tait

& The Traitors

A fiery and fearless red-headed singer/songwriter, Devin Tait blends acoustic cabaret pop with electronic, new-wave inspired rock. Switching between a piano and his sparkly keytar, Tait has a knack for blending upbeat, feel-good anthems with more serious themes and sonic textures while keeping it all danceable.  His band, The Traitors, includes his brother Brandon Strecker on guitar, Myles Matisse on drums, Jarod Millsap on keyboards/vocals and Liana Hernandez on vocals/percussion.
Formerly with the band Shitting Glitter, who performed at queer events from San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair to Reykjavik Gay Pride and many points in between, Tait has long been praised for his inventive synth work and beguiling stage presence. Having recently performed at Portland Gay Pride and the world-renowned Viper Room on the Sunset Strip, The Traitors are currently recording their album "Mixed Signals"; Tait's debut album "It's Never the Way You Imagine It," is available worldwide from iTunes.

Devin Tait (Vocals/Keyboards)
Growing up with his cousins, the Angels, in Paradise, Kansas, Tait developed a rich fantasy life and somewhat of a God complex while daydreaming that the Thompson Twins were going to come take him away and reunite him with Tiffany, who he imagined was his older sister. It was on the family farm that he first set up a video camera in the basement and developed his act as a one-man band, with piano, keyboards, drums and an oboe all at his disposal. Abandoning the Midwest for Los Angeles at the turn of the millennium, Tait spent ten years in a queer electro-punk band before releasing his debut solo album, It’s Never the Way You Imagine It, in 2011. Tait hopes to take the Traitors with him to tour the world, but he couldn’t leave without his beloved blue blanket.

Myles Matisse (Drums)
Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, VJ Myles Matisse has been working the DJ booth at dance clubs since the mid-‘80’s, spinning records and playing videos from his favorite bands like Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Ferry, Genesis, Missing Persons, Prince, and Pink Floyd. Inspired by drummers like Roger Taylor (Duran Duran), Tony Thompson (Chic/Power Station), and Matt Sorum (GnR, Velvet Revolver, The Cult), Matisse decided to get a kit of his own and start banging, keeping his style simple, strong and tight. Matisse developed his interest in visual arts as a photographer in the US Army, a lead actor in many stage productions at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and of course, by watching new wave music videos. Described as spontaneous, funny, generous, loving, devoted and passionate, Myles says the first album he ever bought was Prince's 1999.

Brandon Strecker (Bass/Guitar)
Brandon and Devin have always had a lot in common, like hometowns, childhood experiences, and DNA. However, their musical tastes have always differed, as Brandon has preferred bands like Dandy Warhols and Nine Inch Nails – but one thing they can agree on is Electric Six. A formative album for him was John Cougar Mellencamp's Scarecrow, as he has always really liked songs about hard times on farms. Brandon currently fronts his own band, Turbo Sunshine, which recently released its debut single, "Welcome to the Fallout" (available on iTunes). Brandon is very proud to have penned the line "I need a priest for a wife" for the song "I Need a Priest" by Turbo Sunshine. He couldn’t leave home for an extended period of time without his neck pillow. He describes both his personality and style of playing as “confused.” 

Liana Hernandez (Vocals/Tambourine)
The band’s Jersey Girl, Liana once sang Christmas carols with a choir for a young teen who, with recent cochlear implant surgery, was finally able to hear music for the first time, which made her appreciate how fortunate she is just to be able to hear and listen to music everyday. Some of her favorites include Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Radiohead. But the first cassette tape she remembers being really proud of was by Ace of Base, and she also has fond memories of singing and dancing around the living room to Madonna's Immaculate Collection. Passionate and simple, with a kick of crass humor, Liana is friendly but feisty, raucous, and a bad-ass in times of need. She can’t leave home for a long trip without a clean pair of underwear... with a pocket. And an ipod in the pocket.

Jarod Millsap (Vocals/Director of Visuals)

Having become “Disneyland Famous” after performing for the mouse in parades, shows and attractions for a decade, this Inland Empire-born boy made his way to Hollywood where he can often be found singing Karaoke songs by Boyzone, Westlife, and Robbie Williams. The first album he remembers buying was Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt. Described as happy, excited and always looking for fun, Jarod says that he has to understand the emotions and stories he is supposed to be conveying, so that he can give an honest performance. If the Traitors were to leave Southern California for a world tour, Jarod would make sure to bring his keys so he could get back in once he returned home.